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Happy House Preschool Nursery Clayton-le-Woods
Happy House Preschool NurseryClayton-le-Woods

November News Letter


Dates for your diary:

All this week leading up to Children in Need on Friday the 19th November we will be continuing to sell the Children in Need merchandise and we will also be doing a raffle: match a nought or a five to win so bring your pennies.

On the Week beginning the 13th December up to nursery closing, we hope that everyone will join us and get into the festive spirit by wearing their best Christmas jumpers 

Nursery closes on Wednesday the 22nd and on Thursday the 23rd all the children are invited to our Christmas party. The party will start at 10 a.m. and will finish at 1 p.m. We will have a Christmas buffet so children will not need to be sent with any food or snacks.

Nursery will restart on Monday the 10th January 2022

When I was diagnosed with Cancer I decided to do something that I always wanted to do with my sons, but as Graham my eldest son could not fly because of his disability I never fulfilled this dream, so the day I found out I rang the travel agent and booked for my family to go to Finland to find Santa Claus (I will be taking something of Graham’s too so his spirit with be there with us) because of this trip on December the 2nd and 3rd nursery will only be opening at 9 a.m. we will still be open for after school hours as normal.

Nursery News

Well, we are half way through November and Christmas is creeping up fast and we have started to practice our Christmas songs with the children. The songs that we are learning are:

Away in a manger

Five mince pies: to the tune of five currant buns

Five mince pies in the baker’s shop,
Round and fat with sugar on the top,
Along came (insert child’s name) with a penny one day,
Bought a mince pie and took it away.

Repeat for: Four mince pies….three…

Ten little bells: to the tune of Ten Little Indians

One little, two little, three Christmas bells,
Four little, five little, six Christmas bells,
Seven little, eight little, nine Christmas bells.
Ten Christmas bells to ring.

Gingerbread Men: to the tune of sing a song of sixpence

Stir a bowl of gingerbread, smooth and spicy brown,
(pretend to stir)
Roll it with the rolling pin up and down.
(making rolling motions),
Take a cookie cutter and make some little men,(cut cookies with imaginary cutter),
Put them in the oven ’til half past ten.
(pretend to put cookie tray into oven).


Educational focus

There is a lot of emphasis in the updated EYFS on  Communication and Language which is extremely important for children’s development. Without effective language skills children will be unable to express their thoughts, feelings and explain their own knowledge. Introducing new vocabulary and extending the vocabulary they already use is a method to expand language abilities, for example the children are showing an understanding of ‘big’ and Little to extend this we could talk about huge, enormous, tiny, petite and help them to understand and encourage them to use the new vocabulary. A further area is to develop the children’s love of reading.

Some of the stories we will be reading up to Christmas will promote this ethos:

Kitten learns to listen – new vocabulary listening, listened, heard

William’s winter wish – new vocabulary frothy, swirled, swooshed

One Snowy Night – new vocabulary, exploring, examining, investigating

The night before Christmas – will introduce children to rhyming within a story and new vocabulary                                                  tarnished, lustre

The Christmas Show – will introduce the children to the concept of the school nativity play

Nuddy Ned’s Christmas – nuddy ned is one of the children’s favourite stories

Important Information

If your child comes to a Wednesday session, next Wednesday 24th November the centre is having its old boiler replaced and there will be no heat for the whole day. So please can you make sure that you wrap your child up in warm layers as it could get quite cold.


Thanking you all for your continued support.