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Happy House Preschool Nursery

Clayton le Woods Community Centre

Spring Meadow


Leyland   Lancs.

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Happy House Preschool Nursery Clayton-le-Woods
Happy House Preschool NurseryClayton-le-Woods

June 2020

Opening Details


Hi Everyone following the government directive we will be opening on the 1st June. Although local schools in the area following LCC advise have decided not to open as there are concerns regarding two of the governments five steps not being met in Lancashire, these being track and trace and confidence that social distancing will be difficult to establish in schools and early years and may lead to a second outbreak.

I got the e-mail regarding their concerns today, having only just returned from nursery getting ready to open.

I have sat and pulled my hair out (not that I can afford to) weighing up what our local council is saying and what the government is saying and also the evidence which is:

Some nurseries and schools have remained open throughout this ordeal to ensure that key workers children and vulnerable children have been able to have care and there has been no recorded major outbreak of the virus in schools or nurseries, because teachers and child care staff have followed exacting health and safety measure to protect themselves and the children: regular hand washing, stringent cleaning, smaller groups and the risk to children under 14 catching the virus is minimal.

So, as we only have 13 children returning in June and more maybe looking at returning in July, I have decided that we will follow government advise not the LCC advise and will open on the 1st June




Until the nursery starts to get back to normal capacity demand we will open at 9 a.m. we have two key workers children who have waited patiently for us to reopen and they need Thursday and Friday until 5.30 so we will open till that time on those days and we will open 9-3 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I will speak to everyone else during the first week back to establish what times you all specifically really need.

We will greet you at the door, take temperatures with a non-contact thermometer, then antibac the child’s hands and take them off you into the building to play.

We will be having smaller groups sitting at the table during lunch and as all 13 children except for Thursday are not attending at the same session the social groups will be smaller.

Throughout the day we will be encouraging constant hand washing, good hygiene and maintaining good cleaning practice of the environment and equipment.

We will play outdoors whenever possible and the gate will be locked as soon as the children arrive and also locked when we leave the building so that no one else can use the play equipment when we are not in.

Obviously, we would ask that you maintain a safe distance when you drop off and collect your children. Also, we would ask for everyone’s safety that if your child starts to have any symptoms that could be indicative of covid 19 i.e. cough, temperature or runny nose you do not bring them in and follow isolation procedure.

I have also made reusable masks for the children which they can wear if they will (some children may be frightened by them) which I will give out to you next week.

I know for some of you it has been a hard decision as to what you should do and I can only thank you for deciding that you feel your child’s care and safety can once again be entrusted to us.

This Pandemic has been a frightening experience for not just England but for the whole world and if we are ever going to get back to being able to mingle with our friends and loved ones, get a hug when we need it, then we need to take the tentative steps that will begin to build our confidence for the start of a safer society.  

So, I am looking forward to Monday and you can always continue to talk to us (in the garden) at a safe distance if you have any questions or concerns at all.  

Please feel free as well to ring me 01772494174 or e-mail me if you have any concerns or have reconsidered our Monday start at all.