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July 2021 News letter

Hi everyone

Firstly, an apology for the lack of any newsletters since March, as some parents already know I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of May and have been attending several appointments to assess the pathway for treatment, which has been a lumpectomy and removal of the sentinel lymph node to see if the cancer had spread. I found out last Friday that the cancer has not spread and I now just waiting for the result of the tissue biopsy to find out if my risk of cancer spreading is low, medium or high to decide if I need radiation treatment or not. If it is medium or high, I will need to have radiation treatment at Christies hospital so fingers crossed. I would just like to say a big thank you to the girls who have covered and also watched me like rottweilers to make sure I have done no lifting.

Now back to nursery news

In September we will be losing 21 children who are going to school. Some of these children have been with us since they were 15 months old and it will be a really sad time for us to say goodbye. It has been a tough year for all of our children who have had their social activities greatly interrupted, and although it is difficult to arrange gatherings at venues that are either still closed or restricting entry. I decided to have a party for our school leavers at Nursery.

The party will be on Monday 19th July. The party will start at 3.45 and end at 5.45 and all our school leavers are welcome.

There will be entertainment from Andy B and when he finishes at 4.45, we will give the children a party tea.

Because of the party we will not be doing extended hours and teas for the younger children on the 19th   


Preschool transitions will be handed out this week and these should be passed onto your child’s school once you have read them and added any comments you want to


I will also be completing summary reports for the rest of the children and these will be sent out as soon as they are completed.


All the children are making good progress within the Early Years Foundation Stage. This month We will be concentrating on getting the school leavers ready for their transition and for the other children we will be concentrating on the area of Communication and Language: speaking, listening and attention and understanding and activities will be planned to support next steps identified in this area.


Books for May

Our books for May will encourage the children to: listen to the story with increasing attention, join in with repeating refrains and anticipate key events and phrases in the stories. Also ask questions about why things happen, build up their vocabulary and recognise rhyme in spoken word

Rhyming stories:

Don’t Wake the bear Hare

The Yoga Ogre

All Afloat on Noah’s Boat

The Great Nursery Rhyme Disaster

Repeating Refrains:

Bears Big Bottom

I’m Not Sleepy

Blast off              Also encourages counting number down

Farmer Duck

Anticipating key events

The Boy Who Ate Everything

The Gruffalo

Walking Through the Jungle

Lazy Ozzie


Ability to tap out a simple repeated rhythm: EYFS 30-50 months exploring and using media &


We have introduced rhythm sticks to the children and are encouraging them to tap out the beat of several songs. We are getting them to do slow, fast, noisy and quiet sounds. This covers the above area of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

This week the children are also making their own bottle shakers so they can start to explore sounds.

They have enjoyed putting stickers on their bottles and filling them with a variety of pulses. We have superglued the lids on so they can not get to the contents.


Example of songs we use with the sticks to the tune of The farmers in the den

The Drummer in the ring   

The drummers in the ring

The drummers in the ring

Is he loud or is he quiet?

The drummers in the ring.


to the tune of sing a song of sixpence.


Hold a stick in this hand               

Hold a stick in this hand

Hold a stick in that

Put them both together

Let them tap, tap, tap,

Tap them near the ceiling,

Tap them near the ground,

Tap them just in front of you,

Then gently put them down.


Some sounds are short  to the tune of Pease pudding hot

Some sounds are short, some sounds are long, which sound will you make

After this song.


Nursery Safety

Some children that stay for lunch have fruit shoots in their bags. Could you please remove the clear plastic lid as these can present a choking hazard, because, rather than wait for the adult (the adults are usually giving out lunches that have been warmed, opening the younger children’s boxes and giving out drinks bottles) to sit down with them the children try to use their mouth to pull off the lid, when they can not get it off with their hands. There is no danger of the drink spilling in their lunch box without the lid as the bottle cap has to be pulled up before drink comes out.


Arrivals and departures

This morning there should have only been 5 children in before nine o clock, but by 8.35 there were 12 children and by 8.45 there were sixteen children in. Staffing ratios are worked out on the number of children attending. As an early year’s teacher, the ratios are higher when I am in the nursery, but as I have reduced my hours at the moment, please be aware that you need to stick to the times that you book and pay for with regards to arriving and departing.

If you need to bring your child in any earlier you need to ring or make prior arrangements to check if this is alright, the same applies if you need to pick up your child later than their booked hours. I can then check that the staff ratios will be correct.


Face Masks

As you will all be aware unless there is a dramatic turnaround by the Prime Minister, on Monday the 19th July he intends to instruct the nation that wearing face masks will no longer be compulsory, he will also state that it is still advisable to wear them in certain places, but this will be at the discretion of each individual.

However please be advised that with the continuing rise in the infection rate due to the Delta variant we will still expect all visitors and parents to continue not to enter the building without wearing a face mask. If you forget please ask a member of staff and we will provide a disposable one.


Polo Shirts

I have red nursery polo shirts in 3-year-old and 4-year-old sizes. If you would like one, please ask the girls.


Summer care for siblings

During school holidays we can provide cover for siblings of working parents who struggle with child care during the holiday periods. If you need to use this facility, please let us know dates, days etc and we will advise you if we have availability.



Thank you all for your continuing Support