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Happy House Preschool Nursery Clayton-le-Woods
Happy House Preschool NurseryClayton-le-Woods

January 2021

Hi Everyone

Firstly, Happy New Year to you all, although I imagine like me you feel it might be a while before we can celebrate a new year.

Following the Prime Ministers announcement to impose another lockdown and shut schools because the new variant of Covid-19 is spreading at an alarmingly faster rate I just wanted to confirm that Nursery will reopen on the 11th January for all children and will remain open unless we are told to shut our doors by the Prime Minister.


I understand totally that this is a very worrying time for yourselves as parents and can only state that the nursery has been open throughout the pandemic year of 2020 except for the months of April and May when we were told by the government we had to lockdown and I am proud to be able to say that not one of our children caught covid-19.

Because of our environment consisting of one large room and a small room we can not create small bubbles for social distancing, however we will continue to monitor children as they come into the nursery for any signs, they may be infectious, so that they can be sent home and asked to isolate until they are symptom and we will maintain our cleaning, health and safety measures.


I can also only reiterate the scientific evidence that the government and the scientific team are providing, which is that it is very rare that children (unless they have underlying medical conditions) are catching covid-19 and the new variant of the virus, they are however perfect carriers and they can take the infection home or bring it into their school environment. It is actually the adults that are more at risk of the children giving the virus to them.


Obviously, I will keep you updated if anything changes this week and the Prime Minister makes any further announcements and if you have any questions, concerns or just want to talk my number is: 01772 494174 or email jenny@hhpg.co.uk

I hope to be able to welcome you all back to a new term and year next week. Stay safe and thank you all for your continuing support.