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Happy House Preschool Nursery Clayton-le-Woods
Happy House Preschool NurseryClayton-le-Woods

January 2020 News Letter


January 2020 Happy New Year & Welcome Back


Nursery News


You may have noticed that our apprentice Ellie has not returned to nursery after the Christmas holidays. On boxing day Ellie texted me to say that after a lot of thought she had decided that she did not want to do childcare. She has asked me to say goodbye to everyone. Lily our student from Runshaw who is with us on Thursdays, is enjoying her placement and may be with us longer than planned.


Parent Contact App As you know we use an app called 2 simple to send photographs to you of some of the activities that your child does during their session, the app sends the links via your e-mail. However, when I have checked on the web suite, I have noticed that some of you have not confirmed your acceptance and without your confirmation you will not receive the photographs. The site also allows you access to make comments and even download developmental steps you may have noticed that your child is doing at home. I have re-sent all the acceptance requests which will be sent as an e-mail (do check your junk as it may go there) from 2build a profile, so please make sure that if you want to receive updates and photographs then acknowledge acceptance. We will not be doing any parent shares this week, but will start again next week once all the parent contacts have been confirmed.


Term Dates This term is spring term and it is twelve weeks and two days the term started on the 6th January and ends on the 31st March. There are no bank holidays during this term. If your child’s 3rd birthday was before the 31st of December you will be entitled to the educational 15 free hours your child’s details will be entered automatically. For the Spring term your child will receive 165 hours. If your child does more than 15 hours per week you will probably have to pay something towards the fees and if you do, I will advise you of the additional costs.


Monthly Focus The keyworker developmental tracking has identified that the younger children and the older children would benefit from our focus being on shape, space and measure (mathematics) For the younger children we will be supporting and encouraging them to talk about the shape of everyday objects i.e. the round plate, the tall tree, use mathematical names for flat 2d shape and recognise and name simple shapes. For the older children we will encourage them to request two or three items by length, height, weight or capacity.  For example, if I have two jugs and I fill one jug with water I will be able to tell you that jug is heavier.


Songs of the month Our songs of the month will also focus on shape: Circle to the tune of round 7 round the garden Round and round the circle, Draw one in the air, Stop, look, find one,  (at this point a child will be asked to find a circle) Circles are everywhere   Triangle  to the tune of three blind mice Triangle, triangle Three straight sides, three straight sides, It isn’t a circle, it isn’t a square, You can see triangles everywhere, You can even hear if you listen with care a triangle  (ting!)   Square  to the tune of frère Jacques Find four corners, find four corners, Sides the same, sides the same, Put them all together, put them all together, Square’s my name, square’s my name   Mystery bag  to the tune of this old man 2D shapes: Mystery bag what’s inside? What’s the shape you try to hide? It’s a circle, triangle, rectangle or a square, Feel the shape describe what’s there.  


3D shapes: Mystery bag what’s inside? What’s the shape you try to hide? It’s a cube or cuboid, pyramid or sphere, What is it we want to hear!    (the children will feel the shapes then we will    Bring the shape out show and name it)   Stories of the month  


One Lucky Duck, this story introduces the repeating phrase “the quack is nowhere to be found) and will encourage the children to join in with the repeated refrain (literacy phase 30-50mths reading)   10 Little Friends introduces rhyme and counting and the story encourages the children to count aloud as a friend joins the group recites number in order to ten (mathematics phase 30-50mths number)   The Jungle Run introduces rhyme, size and speed as the animals’ race to get to the finish (mathematics the language of size phase 22-36mths, positional language phase 30-50mths shape, space & measure and literacy phase 30-50mths enjoys rhyming and rhythmic activities reading)    


Finally, if anyone has anything, they would like me to include in our newsletter please give me details, or if there is a subject about how we track child development that you would like me to explain let me know.