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Happy House Preschool Nursery Clayton-le-Woods
Happy House Preschool NurseryClayton-le-Woods

April 2020

Hi Everyone

Its time for another monthly newsletter. This one is a bit different because at this moment in time the nursery is closed. I put the padlock on the gate on Friday 27th March after 33 years of no closures and I can only say that it was so sad that I sat in the car park for over 10 minutes wondering when we will all be back to normal.

First things first

Myself and the girls all want to say that we hope you and your families are all remaining to stay safe and well and just to let you know that we miss seeing you and the children.

Staying in touch

You have probably decided by now that I am no technical wizard (you should see me face time my son, daughter in law and grandson. Last nights episode began with me upside down turning the i-pad around and around but still managing to be upside down and the night before I could not realise why my family had a great view of the dogs and not me and the night before stating my neck looked ancient and my son telling me he could not see anything only my neck as I was holding the tablet too close) anyway getting back to the subject I have been trying to make friends with you all on Happy House Facebook page but have only managed to link up four parents onto my own page (don’t know how) I wanted to really link as many parents as possible to Happy House as I thought it would be nice if you posted things you are doing in this terrible time to keep each other occupied. I have had lovely pictures from the Connor family of their baking sessions, some lovely pictures of the Shannon families lovely new arrival Sienna Scarlett is really enjoying being a big sister, Mason Fairhurst learning to ride his bike (only on his driveway, they are staying home) and from Jayden, Layla and Grayson saying they are missing me and all their friends, Rowan is growing and has started to potty train and his mummy told me he is missing everyone and Riley’s mummy tried wallpapering did a brilliant job, but two pieces were on upside down! which at this moment in time is just what we all need: To Know That We Are All There For Each Other and Bring a Smile.

I have tried to put pictures of what I have been doing over the last four non- working days, yes, it’s only been four!!! and if I can get my son to talk me through how to do during our next facetime I will. Anyway, here’s what I have been getting up to so far:

The first day I had a spring clean, the second day I baked apple pies, the third day I sat for over two hours clipping one of my Bichon Frise dogs. I don’t think he was too impressed and I may have taken a little too much of his lovely fluffy coat off and yesterday I had to go and look all over for my other Bichon who had hidden obviously having decided he did not want to be scalped like his nephew, too bad I found him and if I have time after this news update I am going to start to paint my gnomes.

Some Useful Links

www.earlylearninghq.org.uk     this site is loaded with lots of teaching ideas and activity work sheets. Some of this site is totally free to use, teachers can sign up to a more comprehensive account but you will be able to access a very good range.

A site that Happy House is registered with have e-mailed to say that during the covid-19 crisis they are offering free access to some of their resources to parents you need to go to:   wwwtwinkl.co.uk/offer  and when you are on the home page enter the  offer code: CVDTWINKLHELPS.

I am going to (I hope as you know I am no technical genius) attach a preschool workbook to this newsletter.

Keep the children fit and tune in on you tube to P.E. with Joe Wicks every morning at 9 a.m.

and google Elevenses with David at 11 each morning for a story from David Walliams


If you want to post any news on our Facebook you will find us at Happy House Nursery Clayton Le Woods.

Also, will somebody let me know if the attachment is successful, so that I can the send you more learning resources.

Well I am off to make a cup of tea, but before I go will you all give your children a big hug and say it is from Jenny, Jill, Tasha, Amy and Rebecca and remember we want you all to stay safe and stay well and with luck it won’t be too long before we are all back to normal.